Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wray Colorado

I heard from Bob tonight. I generally hear from either Bob and/or Lisa every night. The last couple of days they have cranked out some very long, hot, dull days. They try to get as many miles as possible done in the morning. They are trying to keep out of the heat and avoid the prevailing "easterlies". Not a typo, they thing the whole westerly thing is a myth. Unfortunately with 90 mile days there are only so many of those miles that can be done in the morning.
Bob said he had stopped for coffee today in a town called Akron. He and another biker were interviewed and photographed by the local newspaper. It is so important as the riders head into towns, bike along the way, camp, and talk to people that they leave a good impression of their reason for biking, their membership in the church, and the Lord they serve. They can leave a good taste or a bad taste in the mouths and minds of the people with whom they come in contact.

They were very pleased to have a community pool with a fun water slide today in Wray, Colorado. This really helps cool the body, soothe the muscles, generally relax, and have fun.

Unfortunately there was another accident yesterday. A woman hit some garbage while biking on the interstate. The unofficial word was that she had a concussion, a broken pelvis, and lots of road rash - those are the stories that scare me and keep my mother up at night.

Kari and I are taking a road trip this week. We are taking my parents and heading out to Souix Center, Iowa to meet the bike tour (and visit with relatives). We are really excited to see them. By the time we meet up with them it will have been 6 weeks since we've been together (hmm, I may have switched tenses a few times in that sentence).

Thanks once again to all of you who sent cards and packages. Thanks to all who check the blog and take interest in the tour and it's cause. Thanks to you who have donated funds. Thanks for all of you who stop and ask about the tour, and thank you most of all for your continued prayers.

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