Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mountain Home to Gooding

Bob called about 5PM our time. He and Lisa were both showered and had camp set up. They were beginning to wait the 3hrs until dinner (called at 3PM their time and dinner is at 6). My understanding is that this time is spent napping, chatting, playing cards, helping others set up their tents, and exploring the "town" (Bob and Lisa -let me know if this is wrong, maybe this is just what I imagine you doing). Bob is trying to avoid doing his laundry until the weekend. They are hoping that they will meet up with some former neighbors of my parents while staying in Salt Lake City and ??? get a little help with their laundry. Speaking of former neighbors, I'm not sure if I told you about their encounter with my old neighbor on Overbrook Lane. They were waiting to go through an intersection in Idaho and I guy rolled down his window and asked what they were doing and where they were from. They said Michigan. This guy asked where, they said Grand Rapids. He said, wow, I used to live on Overbrook Lane in Grand Rapids - yes he knew my family. I think Overbrook Lane has a dozen houses max. This is where we break into a rendition of "It's a Small World".
Bob said it was a harder ride today. There were headwinds and poor road surfaces. When I look ahead, it looks like a tough couple of weeks to me.
As I stalked the other blog sites, it also looks as though there has been some problems with tiredness and some stomach issues. Please pray for health for the cyclists. Illnesses can spread quickly in this type of community.

IF you get some extra time, there are some great blogs, pictures, and newsletters about the trip available at www.seatosea.org

I had about an hour block of time and stopped by church to check on the group working with the SERVE team... it was good to check in with friends and supporters of our family and the trip.

Odd night for me - Bob and Lisa are obviously gone, Kari is at camp (I am home) and the dog is at a friend's house. I can't remember the last time I was home alone - without even the dog. I am leaving for Seattle tomorrow at 4am. My theory is that if you have to set the alarm for a time that begins with 3 it is not worth going to bed. So I am getting things done around the house - no Bob sorry, I am not cleaning. I tried to hook the dehumidifier up to the hose so it drains into the sink...we will see if it is successful. I am also trying to find more disk space on my computer...EEK, this might be my last update if I crash this computer.

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