Thursday, July 17, 2008

Burley to Snowville

Lisa called tonight. She said it was a rough day. She described it as long and hot. It sounds like she started out with a flat tire, they had 45 miles of headwinds, and the SAG vehicles had difficulty getting enough water.
They are staying in a town that she thinks the arrival of the bike tour has doubled the population . Showers tonight involve a tarp over a backstop and a hose. The girls get a half hour to shower and then the guys get a half hour. They also said they cleared the town cafe out of food, and they were working on clearing the diner out of their food.
She also reported that one of the riders tore his Achilles tendon and it is questionable whether he will be able to ride.
The next couple of days look rough...keep the tour in your prayers.
Thanks, Jane

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