Thursday, July 3, 2008

Short Day

It looks like you will be getting more updates from me. It took Lisa an hour and a half to update the blog due to incredibly slow Internet access.
Lisa called early this morning to tell me about their night. They are staying at a school and the automatic sprinklers went on at 1AM. Yes, they are in tents...
They called tonight and said they were done riding by 10:30 that's AM. They really wanted to get their miles done early because of the 100 degree temps they are experiencing. They said it was a beautiful ride, but no where to stop. Tomorrow looks like a similar ride.
On these shorted days Lisa has been doing OK, but on those longer days she has had trouble getting enough calories in. It will take some experience to learn to eat about the equivalent of 5 meals a day. I remember when Bob and I rode cross country we began putting loads of peanut butter and cream cheese on our bagels just to increase our calories. Hopefully she can figure it out quickly.
We got a huge amount of rain in GR. Kari and I stopped home briefly to borrow the Knotts steam vac to begin the process of drying out the basement. The Knotts so kindly went back in our house today to continue the process. I am learning to ask for help. Kari and I will have a very busy week out here at camp and my final presentation is next Thursday.
Please continue to pray for Bob and Lisa as they cycle and Kari and I as we try to manage the home front, the camp front. Please pray for our family as we miss each other...especially when the Holiday is usually family time.

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