Sunday, July 6, 2008


Bikers Traveling From Seattle To New Jersey To Raise Money To Fight Poverty

KENNEWICK -- Hundreds of cyclists take over Columbia Park this weekend, but they won't be here for long.
They are biking 3,881 miles from Seattle to New Jersey.
Sound hard to you?
From 18 to 80 years old; from Canada, the US and across the world, Spreading the word about poverty is all in a days work.
Tents, Gear, And Bikes.
Just a few parts of what it takes to move hundreds of people across the nation.
A majority of the riders are affiliated with a congregation in the Christian Reformed Church in North America.
Father and daughter team Bob and Lisa Brouwer are from Grand Rapids Michigan. They said getting so many people together sends a message.
"It's a good way to get a bunch of people involved and to definitely make a statement and raise awareness as well as funds because its not everyday you get to see a whole 150 people riding their bikes down the road in the middle of the country, so it's kindof cool" said Lisa Brouwer.
Each rider is working to raise $10,000 to fund incentives to reduce poverty.
The bikers got a helping hand here in the Tri-Cities from Family of Faith Pastor Dan Wolters.
"It's an opportunity to do alot more with a whole bunch of other people then what we're able to do by ourselves and so there's alot of excitement that builds momentum" said Wolters.
Riders streamed into Columbia Park all afternoon. They set up tents, and got their bags from a massive semi-truck, one of two that follows the group during the entire cross country trip. Organizer Claire Elgersma said the trip means alot more than just biking.
"It's not about the cyclists but it's about how god can use us to touch the lives of people and to challenge people to engage themselves in making a difference locally and globally" said Elgersma.
If you want to meet or hear from the bikers, there will be a worship service in Columbia Park Sunday at 10:30 AM.
That's followed by a community fair to show how you can help against poverty.
Just head to Columbia Park in Kennewick by the band shell.

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