Saturday, July 19, 2008

What a Day

Bob called about 2:30 Seattle time, which was 3:30 Utah time, something close to 6:30 Grand Rapids time. I think they had a good day. I was a bit distracted when they called. You see I was waiting for him to call so that I could tell him that Kari, our 16 year old daughter, who is in Grand Rapids needed to have an appendectomy. Let me refresh your memory, Bob and Lisa are in Utah, I am in Seattle for a wedding with every one of my Visser relatives, and Kari is in Grand Rapids awaiting surgery. At this point I can tell you how incredibly thankful I am for our Camp Roger family, our Youth Pastor Gretchen, our wonderful friend, Tricia, and a very understanding surgeon Dr. Uitvlugt.
So as I sat in I-5 traffic in Seattle Kari had her appendix removed and I got a call from Dr. Uitvlugt while pictures were being taken that they were done with surgery and that all had gone well.
I have changed my flights and am flying home on Saturday instead of Monday.
Please keep the prayers going. Tomorrow is an anticipated difficult day on the bike ride and I will be traveling home to be with Kari who will hopefully be discharged about 12 hours before my flight comes into Grand Rapids.

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drdavies2001 said...

Hi Lisa & Bob. We have been tracking your every move! We hope that you are surviving the heat and Mts of Utah. If we can be of any help, please give us a call @ 435-6490201. We read about Kari's appendectomy and hope she is doing well. Karen & Allen Davies.