Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thursday July 31, 2008:

It has been a tough week. We are in the midst of our highest mileage week of the entire tour. The temperature is well into the 90s and nearing 100. The humidity is also increasing but has not been too bad yet. We had a tail wind today for the first time in a while. It was welcome and helped us get through a hot day.

The scenery has changed to mostly farm land. It is hard to believe there is starvation in the world when we see mile after mile of fields. There are a few towns on the map each day but many of them are close to ghost towns. They have a few residents but no businesses that are still open.

This week we are celebrating the half way point of the tour. On Wednesday, we were half way in terms of the number of days. On Friday about 20 miles into the day we are at the half way point in terms of miles.

We are finding the people of Nebraska very friendly. They are highly interested in what we are doing and occasionally some will give a donation to one of the cyclists. I have also done 2 interviews. One was in a very small town called Akron for the weekly news paper. The other was tonight in Minden for television. Lisa and I were both interviewed. I don’t know if we will make the news clip or not. Jane will try to post the news clip if she can find it on the internet.

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pholwerda said...

Hi Bob and Lisa:

Thanks to you both and Jane for posting your updates on your blog. We have been following them everyday or on each of your post.Thanks for the photos and the stories.

Wow, almost halfway. It is hard to believe. Well we continue to think about you guys and pray for your safety. Have a great ride through Nebraska. You guys are doing great. What a great experience for both of that will last a lifetime.

God bless

Paul, Susan and family