Monday, July 21, 2008

Another tough day - Salt Lake to Duchense

Another trying day...these back to back to back 90+ mile days in the mountains (and I assume heat even though they didn't mention anything). Today was their turn on sweep so once again 12 hours on the road. Lisa had some tears on the phone for the first time since they left. After riding that long, a rider had complaints that the sweep team was pushing her to ride faster...She took it very hard.
Our girls have had a couple of those life experiences this week. You know that they will be better people because of them. It is just hard when you are 1000's of miles away as they have these experiences.
The next couple of days map out as 88 miles, 96 miles, and then a 30 mile day into Winter Park. Please continue to pray for their emotional, physical, and spiritual health.
I had a "God thing" that I just need to share with you. I ran into town this morning to pick up some bike parts that Bob needed and was unable to find in Salt Lake City. Today was also "Christmas day" for the camp staff. I kept very busy until about 2 and then just had it. We were invited to the home of one of the camp staff (Matt) and we were looking forward to it. I planned to drop off Kari (she doesn't enjoy car rides with her post op belly) and was going to look for a post office to mail the parts to Denver. I went to talk to Matt's mom to find out where the closest place was to mail the package to Denver. There was a woman with Matt's mom who asked where it had to be in Denver. I told her it needed to get to 3rd CRC in Denver. Well, guess what...3rd CRC is this woman's church, she is flying home tomorrow and she will hand deliver it to the church on Wednesday.
Thank you God, I needed the break and the reassurance that he would get the parts.
PS I just talked to Bob - he said both of them are riding very strong. He is so proud of how well Lisa is riding.

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