Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Note from Jane...again

Seems as though their are some glitches with the satellite dish they hope to use for Internet connection. In the meantime you will get an update from me...again.
Bob and Lisa both called last night. The first day is under their belt and it went well. Lisa said it was an absolutely beautiful ride. They started with the big tire dipping ceremony and Bob and Lisa were among the first to leave.
They were assigned to Sweep Team for the first day or so. This means that Monday night they helped get the kitchen truck set up for dinner, assisted with dinner preparations and clean up. Then they help with breakfast today and are the last to leave camp. They, along with about 8 other people, will ride behind everyone and assist with any stragglers. They will be the last ones into camp tonight. Once everyone is accounted for, they will be freed of their duty. The sweep team responsibilities occur once every 10 days.
Today they plan to cross their first major pass. They have heard that there is still snow on the pass, but that the roads are plowed. After they finish the pass, they have a glorious downhill ride into the beautiful town of Leavenworth.
Please pray for safety and patience as they tackle the pass. My understanding is there were 13 accidents on the first day, one requiring a trip to the ED for a concussion.
I will try to keep you updated until the satellite is functional...I apologize for not sending out an email to let you know about the updates, but that was set up on Lisa's computer.
Thanks for you interest and your support. Jane

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Bud Bakker said...

Hey Bob and Lisa!
Keep up the good work!
Have fun!
Bud Bakker