Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week 2- Day 3

Finally!! We have Internet that works. I don’t know if it will continue or not.

The daily change in scenery is amazing. Yesterday we started in the wheat fields with hardly a tree in sight. After climbing the mountain pass, we rode down in the pine forest. Today (Wednesday) we rode through a valley with the Elk Horn Mountains to our right. The mountains have snow on the top and are very beautiful. It is hard for us to imagine that snow can be in the mountains when we are all searching for shade. As I look around camp, all the people are congregated in the shade created by the school building and the various vehicles accompanying the tour.

I have been surprised that there are not many towns to go through each day. Most days we need to carry enough food to get through the biking day. Today we actually rode through a couple of small towns. That is a great way to help break up the day. The town of Haines looks like an old western town. It was a fun stop.

Both Lisa and I are adjusting well to constant eating. We are finding it difficult to take enough food on our bikes to get us through from breakfast time (6:00 AM) until dinner time (6:00 PM). Some of our camping locations are a few miles from town. We only have our bikes as transportation so we have to put on a few extra miles to get to town and back.

As we expected, 140 bikers riding on the roads and into towns creates a lot of interest. I have had at least one opportunity each day to talk to people about what we are doing. We have a “business card” that we can pass out that explains what we are doing. Once in a while, someone will actually hand one of us a donation.

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