Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grasshoppers anyone?

Bob said that if they could find a way to harvest the grasshoppers (probably not the right name) that they run over, they might be able to feed the world. I remember the experience when we rode through Kansas. They crunch beneath your tires, they hop into your wheels, onto your legs, your handlebars, your arms, and yes even into your face.
Bob also described the ride as long and hot. The weather report indicates they are heading into a heatwave. They are also on sweep again tomorrow. The leadership team has made some changes since the last time they swept - hopefully it will help to know there is an end in sight to their day. If a rider doesn't look like they are able to complete by 7PM, that rider needs to get in the SAG. This takes a lot of stress off the sweep, the kitchen crew (not having to keep serving so late), and the SAG team.
Please pray for patience, relief from the heat, and safety.

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