Sunday, July 13, 2008

They are in Idaho

How do I sum up their last few days of biking?
They did another stint with their sweep team. They really enjoy the people on their team. This is helpful because the days that they sweep tend to be longer days when you just can't ride at their own comfortable pace. They will be doing sweep again in another 9 days.
The riding has been quite easy these last couple of days. If you are following in the Shifting Gears devotional, you will see they rode between 35-65 miles with no significant mountain passes. I have not heard of ant terrible headwinds so I will assume they have not been an issue. I know that I would personally rather climb a mountain pass then put up with headwinds all day.
They did have a night (a believe it was Thursday) when they had very high winds (gusts to 50 mph) at camp. Most people including Bob and Lisa took their tents down and sought refuge in the school gym. Some tents were damaged in the winds, but everyone was safe.
Internet has still been an issue, some people have been heading into towns to hook up with free wifi. There was even a coffee house that stayed open late for Sea to Sea riders to use their Internet. They have been so impressed with the hospitality of the towns they ride through and stay in. I told Bob he needs to tell us more of those stories...
I also asked him to blog about their typical days...give us a schedule of what your routine looks like. Many of you probably don't know that they have been getting up around 5:30 to start the day. I don't think they are setting an alarm either.
I asked him what his biggest struggle was...he said it was carrying enough food on his bike to get through the day. Ironic.
In my spare time, I have been looking at other blogs, pictures, and information available on the site. If you are looking at the pictures and are trying to figure out which helmeted, spandex laden cyclist is Lisa, the easiest way to identify her is by her red bike with 2 large lime green water bottles. Bob, well I can just identify him. You are on your own. Doug Lutke has some great pictures of Bob, Len Reimersma has some of Lisa, Jonathon Stoner has a lot of pictures on the flicker site that can be accessed through the web page.
Thank you for your continued support of the tour, for Bob and Lisa, and the effort to end the cycle of poverty.
Prayer requests: Please pray for our immediate family this week. Bob and Lisa plan to be riding from Idaho into Utah, I have plans to head out to Seattle for the wedding of my niece, Kari (although she would love to go to Seattle) will be working at camp on the kitchen staff. Continue to pray for safety, health, and awareness of the cycle of poverty.
Thanks for your interest.

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