Friday, August 1, 2008

They are in...

and they have been in since about 2:15. They are in York, NB and staying at York College. They stopped a couple of miles out of town and got something to eat at an Applebees.
Since there were headwinds they rode in a tight pace line most of the day. Pace lines are a blessing and a curse. They help break the wind and get you through the miles, but it is generally tense riding and little flexibility about stops.
York College has opened up their laundry facilities and the lounge that has A/C, a big screen TV, and WiFi.
Lisa says she hopes to write a blog about the things she does to keep her mind sharp while riding through Nebraska. Her monologue about it is pretty hilarious
As Lisa says, one more day of riding until we see each other...I say 3 more big sleeps :)

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