Monday, June 30, 2008

I hear they are on the road

I believe the old saying "a watched pot never boils" and the new one that says "a watched blog site never updates". I have checked about every 20 minutes all weekend long and no updates from the bikers. Therefore I will do an update today:
Bob and Lisa had a great time in Seattle with my brother and his family.
They arrived at the University of Washington on Saturday afternoon, did the registration and meet and greet stuff.
Sunday was spent learning about bike safety, orientation, and a celebration service. They were very pleased with the service (not that it really matters since the goal was to honor and praise God).
I received two phone calls from friends and relatives who went to Golden Gardens Beach to see them off. They thought it was a very impressive sight. Both of them took pictures and hopefully we will get them up soon.
So as the title says...they are on the road. Thanks for your support!
Check the website for more pictures. You can also track where the cyclist are via the google earth GPS.

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