Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome Home

After 11 flat tires, 3881 miles, 14 states, 1 province, 1 fall, 63 days away, and a wonderful experience we arrived home around 11:30 last night.

Jersey City was incredible! On our last day, all the bikers met at a staging area 10 miles away from Liberty State Park. That is where the police escort started. They closed the New Jersey Turnpike for our entrance into the city, and once we were in the city there were police blocking every intersection. Sirens were on and people were watching. As we went passed different businesses, people were standing outside watching (even though they probably did not know what was going on) and drivers were honking their horns with encouragement. We we rode past a McDonald's there were people plastered up against the window watching. The whole thing was amazing.

As we turned into liberty park, we saw Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. We rode around the outside of the park (right along the bay) and headed to the boat launch. Family and friends lined the route the cheer us on. We saw mom and Kari along the way, and again at the end.

When we got to the boat launch all of the riders lined up together. We ended the same way we began by saying the Lord's Prayer, and then all together we walked our bikes into the Atlantic Ocean!!!!!!!

We finally made it, and I can hardly believe it.

It is now time to shift gears back into the "real world". Dad returns to work tomorrow and Calvin starts on September 8.

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support while we were out on the road. I pray that even though we are done riding that people do not forget about the cause. The riding part of this journey is done, but people in poverty do not have an end date. Their life continues, and they need to be in our thoughts and prayers.


Sue Feenstra said...

Thank you. I've been reading your blog from the beginning. My father-in-law was on the tour with you the whole time (Roger Feenstra) and he's not a great communicator ("How's it going, Dad?" his response "Great!") Thanks for keeping the rest of us informed. Good luck at Calvin!

Art said...

Pleasure getting reacquainted after 25 years, and it was fun the few times that we rode together.

Blessings on your future!
Art Mulder

Sheryl said...

Hey Bob and Lisa -

Never did see you after we made it to Calvin to officially say goodbye. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed riding with you and getting to know you. Congrats on finishing the ride (and with minimal flats)!

Hope your adjustment to regular life is going well and Lisa, that your semester at Calvin is off to a good start!


Randy DeWolde said...

Hi Bob and Lisa. It was good getting to know you and cycling with you or by you on occasion. I wish you both God's blessings as you carry on with your lives back in the "real" world. Randy DeWolde